A track that is constantly displayed on the map.

Fixed track

Implemented the ability to constantly display one of the selected tracks the map. This is necessary when you need to compare two tracks for different objects or have a constantly displayed landmark on the map. When a track is displayed on the map, the "pin" icon appears in the upper left corner. When you click on this icon, the current track is saved as constantly displayed on the map.

If at the time of the click the constantly displayed track existed, then it is replaced by the current track. That is, only one track can be a constantly displayed track on the map. For this track, start and end markers are displayed. When clicking on these markers, tooltips with the name of the object and the time of the start (or finish) of the track appear.

You can change the color of the constantly displayed track. To do this, open the "Activity" panel, click on the "Settings" button and select the desired color and save changes.

If a constantly displayed track exists, then additional items appear in the context menu of the "Activity" panel. "Fixed track :: Display" - allows you to display the track at the maximum possible scale. "Fixed track :: Clear" - removes a permanently displayed track from the map. It is important to note that the constantly displayed track is associated with the laptop or mobile device on which you create it. When accessing from another device, a constantly displayed track must be created for this device.

On the Vialam service YouTube channel, a one-minute video presentation is available.