Using a group tree to move objects


The control for a quick transition to a group (it is located in the lower status bar of the application screen) has been changed. In the updated version, it does not display the current group with subgroups, as it was before, but the entire group structure of the user account.

When you click on a group in the group tree in the dialog box, you go to this group. If objects were displayed in the left panel, the panel is updated and shows the objects of this group. Similar actions are performed if geofences, groups or users were displayed in the left pane.

A new element with a group tree made it possible to simplify the process of moving objects to other groups, as well as creating shortcuts for objects in other groups. Two elements have been added to the object’s context menu - moving to another group and creating an object shortcut in another group. They are located at the bottom of the context menu in front of the separator for the menu item - delete the object.

When you click on these menu items, a group tree is displayed. You need to select the group into which you want to move the object or in which you want to create a link to it. In this case, the transition into the selected group is not carried out.

On the Vialam service YouTube channel, a one-minute video presentation is available.