Processing messages with invalid dates

The icon shows invalid time in the last message

When messages from objects arrive, they contain the date of the event in the object. Incorrect dates in the service are dates that are ahead of the current time by 50 minutes or older than the current time by more than seven days. If there are many incorrect messages, it makes sense to adjust the date in the object.

If more than two messages in a row with incorrect dates are received from the object, a warning icon is displayed in the interface in the object line. When you click on this icon, a dialog box appears with information (shown in the figure)

In some cases, the service makes automatic corrections and adjusts the offset information in GMT. This happens when the message date is ahead of the current time by exactly 2, 3 ... 12 hours.

Define processing of invalid time

Information about the number of messages with an incorrect date received from the object is available in the "Statistics" panel (menu - "Settings"). There is also a button with which you can reset the number of incorrect messages.

In the settings panel, there are buttons “GMT offset” and “Messages:: Invalid time”.

Using the first button, you can manually set the GMT offset, using the second button you can set the rule for processing messages with incorrect dates: ignore (by default) or replace incorrect dates with the current time.

Both the first and second possibilities should be used with caution. Incorrect data in these settings can lead to distortion of device tracks and violations in the processing of event notifications.

The best and most reliable solution is to configure your device to transmit data with a zero GMT offset. Such settings are usually made by sending SMS commands to the device. The format of the SMS command should be clarified either in the instructions for the tracker or by technical support the device manufacturer.