"White Label". Use the service under your brand

White label

The service is available in the “White Label” mode. That is, you can use the service under your brand - with your logos and information about your company. Work in this mode implies:

  • The service interface displays your logo.
  • When you open the "About" window, your logo, and information about the name of your company, a link to the website and a contact email are displayed.
  • The reports display your logo.
  • When sending notifications, a subject, and a signature with the information specified by you are sent in the message.

In the “White Label” mode, you can create users with login in the form of an email. Unlike ordinary users who are located in groups of your account, these users have dedicated accounts. You do not have the opportunity to log into their accounts directly from your account. For such users, you can restrict access rights to the service’s functionality and set restrictions on working with the service up to the date you set.

There are also opportunities:

  • Installation of the web client (html, js and css files) on your web server.
  • Sending mail notifications directly from your mail server.

To switch to the “White Label” mode, you need to contact support. It is important that you have active devices in your account and experience working with the service. If a positive decision is made on your request, then you will need to send logos, company name, link to the website, ....

Prices for using the White Label mode will be announced at the end of January 2020. But in any case, they will be lower than the average market prices for similar services. Prior to accepting payments (scheduled for March 2020), there will be no charge for using the "White Label" mode.

Publication on the topic "White label" will continue (tariffs, integration with the company's internal information systems, ...).
On the Vialam service YouTube channel, a short video presentation is available.