Object - Important Attributes (DRP)

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The service has expanded the set of informational attributes of the object.

The set of additional attributes contains important information that will be used in the DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) procedures.

The sad experience with the incident in the data center in Strasbourg (OVH company) influenced the expansion of the data structures of objects that can be used for disaster recovery of the service in the event of unforeseen situations

The panel with important attributes of the object is opened by clicking on the "Information fields (DPR)" button in the main panel of the object.

We kindly ask you to fill in these fields correctly

  • SIM - SIM card number. The SIM card number is entered in the international format (the country code is at the beginning), without spaces. You do not need to enter the "+" symbol at the beginning. This should be exactly the number that you used when sending the SMS command to configure the object to the server
  • SMS set ip,port - SMS command to configure the server. Here enter the command you used to configure the device to the Onebrella server. Command examples:
    adminip123456 7716
    123456 flush 012345678901234,,,,,7705,0
  • Password - Device password. If you changed the password via SMS command and the command to configure the device to the server requires a password, be sure to keep this information up to date.
  • Info - This field is optional. This field can contain additional information about the device or object on which it is installed.