Contacting technical support

Elements of technical support in the interface

To contact technical support, click on the icon located on the right side of the main menu. This will open a window with the history of your requests. To create a new request, click on the "Create" button. A window will open in which you need to enter the subject and text of your appeal. When you click on the corresponding subject line, a window opens with the history of technical support responses and your comments on them. Before creating an appeal, look at the "How to ..." section of the main site. Perhaps the solution to your question is described in this section. This section is regularly updated, taking into account user requests that are most common.

In the request history table, the background color of a request determines its status.

  • gray - appeal processed and closed
  • green - technical support has prepared a response to your request
  • yellow - work is underway on your appeal
  • red - the message has been received and is in the queue for processing

When creating a response to your request, the main menu icon and the background color in the list of requests are repainted. Also, information that the response is ready is sent by e-mail and posts to active messenger bots and push notifications to the mobile client. If the answer resolves your problem, close the request. Otherwise, post your comment to the support response.

If, when creating a response by the technical support service, you did not send a comment or did not close the ticket, after 7 days, it will close automatically. The history of requests is stored and available to users for four months.