Expand your business with Onebrella

Tech Support

The new feature allows you to easily organize access to the Onebrella service from the sites of the business partners of the service. To do this, you need to place on your site only one HTML-page with a size of less than 6 KB. All pages of the web application will be displayed from your site with your logos. All changes and improvements made by the Onebrella development team are automatically available on your site. It will also allow you to register new customers on your site and organize demo access to the web application. You can determine your documents that the client must accept during the registration process or eliminate the need for their confirmation. Management of clients created by you or registered from your site completely under your control. You can change their access rights to the application and restrict their access by time or stop access at all.

The following features are not available for your site’s clients:

  • Choice and change of tariffs
  • Onebrella Newsletter Subscription
  • Contacting technical support service

If more complex integration is necessary, there is the possibility of accessing the service via the REST API Prices for using the services by business partners are very low and start at 32 euros per month. The final price is negotiated in each case separately.

In order to make a request for a business partnership, you must:

  • Have minimal experience using the service. You have to connect 1-2 devices and check if the service meets the needs of your customers
  • You must have a website of your company that will host a page for access to Onebrella.

If all this is available, contact the support service, indicating in the request the login under which you tested the service and the address of your website.