MQTT. Integration of IoT devices into Onebrella


In the main menu, click on “Account”. In the panel that opens on the left, click on the “IoT :: Settings” button. The settings panel for working with IoT devices is displayed. In the Password mqtt field, enter your password. Username is displayed at the top of the panel. Onebrella broker url: tcp:// To connect to the mqtt broker, the client must send a record of type CONNECT. In this message, you must pass username and password defined in the “IoT :: Settings” panel. In the CONNACK response packet, the broker returns: "CONNECTION_ACCEPTED" if the connection is successful, or "CONNECTION_REFUSED_BAD_USER_NAME_OR_PASSWORD" otherwise.

To publish data, records of the PUBLISH type are used. These entries specify "topic" and "value" (Payload). From the "topic" element Onebrella forms the "imei" of the object and the identifier of the passed parameter. The item after the last “/” in "topic" is considered as the parameter identifier. The line from the beginning to the last “/” is considered as an "imei" of an object. The "topic" string is converted to upper case and in "imei" all “/” are replaced by “_”. Example:

Mqtt topic: Home/Kitchen/tm
Onebrella: imei: HOME_KITCHEN param id: TM

"imei" within the user account must be unique. If an object with such "imei" does not exist, it is created automatically in the root group of the account. New (previously not transmitted) parameters are automatically added to the list of object parameters. To set a human-readable parameter name, click on "Settings" in the object context menu, and click on the "Script" button and make the required changes in the panel that opens.

. . .
. . .
update to:
. . .
DEF TM:"Temperature"
. . .

To set the parameters that should be displayed in the mini-chart panel, open "Settings" for an object and click on the "Mini-panel :: Chart" button. In the panel that opens, mark the params that you want to display in the mini panel.

Use the following format for commands: topic value. Examples: “main/temp 26”, "light off", ... The Onebrella will create a PUBLISH type record with the appropriate topic and value and send it to the device.

On the Vialam service YouTube channel, a three minutes video presentation is available.