How to set and control leaving parking place


The service allows you to fix the current location of the object as a place of controlled parking. In this case, you do not need to create a geofence and define notifications when object the leaves it. If the object moves more than 150 meters away from the current fixed location, you will receive notifications by email and "push"-notifications to mobile devices. Notification is generated only once when the object moves away from the parking place. You can finish the parking, and then notifications will not be generated when the object is moving away from this place. Buttons-icons of parking control are displayed in the table of objects under the checkbox element (permanent display of the object on the map).

To display these icons, you must open the context menu of the object panel, select the "Settings" item, and mark the element "Parking::Start::Finish::Alert". When you click on the icon, a window for confirming the beginning of parking opens. In this case, the icon changes to . When you click on it, a confirmation window to finish parking will open. If, after the start of parking, the object leaves the parking place, in addition to sending notifications, the icon in the interface will change to . When you click on it, a window opens indicating the time when the object left the parking place. Events of the "Start", "Finish" or "Leaving" the parking place are recorded in the events of the device. These events are visible in the "Event" reports. For object's shortcuts, parking control icons are displayed but not active. When you click on them you get a message: "This action is not valid for shortcuts".

On the Vialam service YouTube channel, a three minutes video presentation is available.