Object variables

  1. Object variables

System variables

MCCMNC type - String. Present only for "Coban" type devices. Specifies the MCC and MLC in the format: "412.2". The default value is "0.0".

MAXSPEED type - Double. The maximum value of the object's speed. If the value of the object's speed (in the message, or calculated based on the distance and the time between events) is greater than this value, then such messages are marked as containing invalid coordinates.

MINSPEED type - Double. The minimum speed value that is considered as a possible parking and is used when determining the motions track's elements.

PARKTIME type - Integer. The maximum value of the time interval at which successive events with a speed not exceeding the MINSPEED are considered as a parking.

F100 type - Double. The value specifies the fuel consumption (in liters or gallons) that is consumed per 100 units (kilometers or miles) of mileage. Used in fuel consumption reports.

BBTMIN type - Integer. The value of the time interval in seconds (the difference between the time of the event and its arrival at the server). If interval exceeds BBTMIN the attribute BBT is added to the incoming message - the time the message arrived at the server. The default value is 300 sec.

User defined variables

The user can define his own variables and use them in onMessage and reports.

Access to variables from scripts

To access global variables in reports and the onMessage script, the following functions are used:

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